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President Donald Trump invited the press into the Oval Office on Wednesday for photos and a quick Q&A. However, many were stunned when they discovered a special guest in attendance.

Henry Kissinger, the controversial Secretary of State under the Nixon and Ford administration was present to discuss the firing of FBI director James Comey. When asked about the dismissal of Comey the President replied, "He wasn't doing a good job. Very simple. He was not doing a good job."

The President also met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak in the morning, a decision which turned heads because the FBI was under investigation of Russian involvement with the Trump campaign during the elections.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson also met with Lavrov briefly in front of the press. Although Tillerson did not answer any questions regarding the termination of Comey, Lavrov answered with disbelief as he appeared unfamiliar with the news.

The President wasn't scheduled to meet with Kissinger but the pair apparently discussed about the situation in Syria. "We're talking about Syria, and I think that we're going to do very well with respect to Syria and things are happening that are really, really, really positive," the President stated in a pool report. "We're going to stop the killing and the death."

The President also added that the meeting with Lavrov went "very, very good." He said that both countries want to end "the killing — the horrible, horrible killing in Syria as soon as possible, and everybody is working toward that end."

Henry Kissinger has a terrible rep amongst many advocates and journalists. He has been distinguished as a notorious war criminal because of the million of lives that were lost during his role in the Vietnam War. The late journalist and author Christopher Hitchens published a scorching book in 2001 denouncing the conduct of the former Secretary of State, titled "The Trial of Henry Kissinger." A year later his book was adapted into a documentary film.

On the flip side...

1973: Le Duc Tho and United States Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. Le Duc Tho, a member of the North Vietnam Communist Party’s Politburo, joined the North Vietnamese negotiating team as a special counselor. The Paris peace talks had begun in March 1968, but had made little headway in ending the war. In August 1969, Tho and Henry Kissinger would begin meeting secretly in a villa outside Paris in an attempt to reach a peace settlement. It was these private talks that would ultimately result in the January 1973 Agreement on Ending the War and Restoring the Peace in Vietnam.

After a very quarrelsome decision, the Noble Prize committee awarded Kissinger the Peace Prize for negotiating a ceasefire in Vietnam.

According to a Politico profile that dates back to December 2016, Kissinger developed a steady friendship with Vladimir Putin in the past. Ever since, the 93 year old Globalist has been trying to draw closer to Donald Trump, in a bid to possibly negotiate peace with the Russians.

Do you feel the President made the right decision to meet with Henry Kissinger?


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