How do you define your age?

Age is a timer that only points out how long you have been on the road of life, but not how far.

Have you ever ran across a person of older age who seems more radiant and full of life than most people you know and you can't help to wonder what his secret is to remain so full of energy and so alive. In the contrary, have you ever ran across someone young who only seems to put enthusiasm into going out to get food and beer at the convenience store and you can't help to wonder why this person seems so dried out of life. The Dalai Lama explains that time is only a subsiding sand clock that measures how long we live, but not how far in life we travel. I totally agree with him.

Social activist and author Ellen J Barrier measures life's worth not by success but by how much joy one experiences in life and by the quality people who surround you and believe in you. In one of her speeches in front of the Association for Woman Rights, she stated that the combination of joy and good company will most likely result in good health, which most people in todays society strive desperately to achieve and obtain. She once said “Good health and happiness are life’s most precious treasures. Those who possess them are blessed.” She never said that money and acquiring riches while hoarding possessions are the biggest treasures in life. Happiness and Health... Without these two blessings, life will become a torturous roller coaster even if you become the most successful person economically in the world.

Happiness only comes from caring for others and having others care for you which is exactly what John Lennon is referring to when he said that age(experience) should be counted by the amount of moments spent in joy while surrounded by those you love and love you back. What is the worth in gaining all the riches in the world if you have no one to share your treasures with?

Long story short the reason we all wake up in the morning, get ready to present ourselves to the world in front of a mirror is because we want to please those we love, help our community, and receive love and appreciation from those who believe in you. John Lennon was spot on in pointing out that success is not measured by the count in your years but by the quality of the years in your life. Lets enjoy every moment of this wonderful life because one thing is for sure; it will not last forever.

Written by Juan Angulo

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