NEWS: More than 6 million people evacuated by hurricane Irma

After causing the deaths of at least 23 people in the Caribbean islands, Irma hit the northeastern coast of Cuba, advancing to Florida, United States, where the effects of the outer bands of the hurricane are already noticeable, with heavy rains and winds.

The most powerful cyclone ever recorded in the Atlantic continues its journey through Cuba - where more than a million people have been evacuated - after weakening and moving first to category 4 and then to category 3, the US Hurricane Center reported.

Irma is expected to be strengthened again in the coming hours when she leaves for the Florida Strait.

Projections indicate that the hurricane will move westward once it moves toward the Florida Peninsula, which would mean that it would move away from the city of Miami.

Even so, the city authorities have declared a curfew from 7 pm this Saturday, local time. The Broward sentenced, north of Miami-Dade, also declared a curfew from 4 pm.

Some 25,000 people reported that there is no light in Miami County in the early hours of Saturday.

"The entire Florida peninsula will be affected": expert explains hurricane Irma threat to United States
Path of Hurricane Irma.

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