NEWS: Hurricane "Maria" getting stronger threatens Puerto Rico

Hurricane "Maria" that caused serious damage to the Caribbean island of Dominica as category 5 weakened for a few hours, but quickly recovered to the highest category and this morning is headed towards Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

As a few hours ago Puerto Rico and other Caribbean islands declared a state of emergency by their arrival.

The National Hurricane Center (NHC) reported that "Mary" is considered a "major hurricane" and is "potentially catastrophic" with its highest winds up to 260 kilometers per hour.

"Maria" is expected to reach both countries between Tuesday night and Wednesday as a 4 or 5 force storm, leaving heavy rains.

Both the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico have already suffered the "Irma" force just days ago, a powerful category 5 hurricane that killed 26 people in the Caribbean and a wake of destruction in Barbuda, San Martin, northern Cuba, and the Florida Keys.

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