"I am not a SuperPredator" protester interrupts Hillary in response to mass incarcerations.

A member of the #BlackLivesMatter interrupted Hillary Clinton in the middle of campaigning. Can you say "Mass Incarceration"? In 1994 the Clinton's passed a Crime Bill. This bill included "Mandatory Sentencing" and the "Three Strikes Law". Black and other minority teens in the inner cities were targeted and labeled "SuperPredators". This led to a massive spike in incarceration numbers despite if the offences were violent or not, causing damages of all different magnitudes in the families of so many people. The effects are still being felt today as these laws are still active.


If you believe that Hillary Clinton is all of the sudden a changed person with a truly activist and passionate heart towards Criminal Justice Reform, or any reform that actually benefits the masses, get ready because you are about to hear her lying for 13 minutes.

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