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As I walk through life, learning everyday in the classroom of life, I find the more truthful I am with myself, the more honest the world seems to be. As I continue to find my authentic center, I see truth and see through illusions. Illusions are things we see when we are not living authentically. It’s not until we are honest with ourself, understanding who we are, that we can begin to honestly live a true life. Lately, I have felt a powerful wind of change. I can see the change on people’s faces, in their actions, attitudes, and in their behaviors. This new year is one of awakening, promise, and mysteries revealed.

 What will 2016 hold for you? In order to get the most of this new year, I find it is time to recognize the fear in your life. Fear is the emotion that carrhc_realies with it a rather low unhelpful frequency that brings us down, making us question ourself, and our abilities. Fear is an emotion, a state of mind, that gets in the way of clear thought and the ability to understand situations. Anytime in the past, when I have felt fear, I realize it takes me off course. In my fear-based thinking, I make decisions which aren't helpful for me and in the end, I realize I’m sabotaging myself. With negative thoughts and fear-based thinking, I miss out on all the universe has to offer. It’s only when I embrace life, respect myself, understanding it’s about being better than I was yesterday and not being better than others, and recognizing that my relationship with myself is the basis of all other relationships in my life.
The honesty begins when we embrace life and realize it’s a gift that we are alive and that we are on this planet living a life. Gratitude is the cornerstone to realizing what we have and treating it with respect and love. Gratitude will get you extremely far in life and beyond. In order to have gratitude we must see our life for what it is and this begins with realizing an important aspect…We are not the body we inhabit, instead we are the soul that resides within the body. We are light energy, spirit energy, who choose to make this trip, to experience life, and to feel what it’s like to be a spirit in human form. When I acknowledge this in day-to-day life, I am able to see life clearly. I’m no longer focused on my hair, makeup, and clothes. Instead, I am focused on my heart, my thoughts, and gratitude for life and all people, animals, and plants. Everything has a purpose and that purpose will be identified at the right time. Once I realize how I got here, I then realize that I must respect myself.
Respecting yourself is something that doesn't happen overnight. I’ve found myself in situations where I was making the wrong choices, choosing the wrong people to spend time with, picking the wrong activities, and putting myself in harm's way. After every situation where I didn't respect myself, I felt sad, guilty, and shameful. I began to realize that I owed it to myself to respect myself and If I didn't do it, no one would. When we don't respect ourself people doCath-Get-Glowing-smalln't know how to treat us because we give off mixed signals. I’ve found that when I spend time with people who don't respect them self, they don't respect me because they don't understand why I would hang out with them if I was a quality person. Meaning: You can’t change the way people feel about themselves. You can present knowledge and show them the truth but they must accept it and walk it alone. We can’t give others what we don't give ourself. If we don't respect ourself we can’t honestly respect others. If we don't respect ourself we definitely can’t unconditionally love others either.
Once we have personal respect, we begin to realize life is not a contest and we aren't competing against others, actually we are bettering ourself daily. The desire and belief to be better than you were yesterday becomes an internal awesome powerful place. It fortifies who we are with the desire and belief and knowledge that we can and will be better if we work at it. We have two things we can do at anytime and anywhere: We can create anything and we have the power of choice. You can create magnificence and beauty and you can choose who and what you will accept in your life. It’s all up to you! You have the power, and you and only you have the power to better and love yourself. It’s your soul’s purpose to find yourself, to see yourself, and to make the most of this life and dimension to propel yourself forward through the ages. In the end, it has always been the relationship with yourself that shapes everything in your life. How we feel and respect ourself directly relates to how we feel and respect every other person or animal in our life. It’s time to realize your power, use it for good, be love not just feel it, and see this lifetime as a gift not a curse. It’s up to you!
Written by Ashley Berges
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