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A College degree, Money, and Status does not a good parent make.

First let me say something... (you’d think I wouldn’t have to but oh well.) When you decide to start a family, you are making a choice to spend your time doing what it takes to love, care for, and nurture that child into the best that they can be. Why do people think that when a YOUNG child does something drastic or dangerous for attention, it is a reflection on said child? Maybe, it is a wake up call for the parents that something needs to change. And it's usually not made right by throwing money or pills at the problem..(although, should this be the case, and it is made better in your household.. Well, then congratulations.. your child is just as shallow, empty, and superficial as you.) However, these are not the families of whom I am speaking.

NEWS FLASH: a child needs attention! Some of them need more than others! If you didn't know this.. you should not have been a parent. That doesn't make them spoiled or troubled. (it most certainly will though) Children are not a mere extension of a hamster. You can't just give food, water, an exercise wheel, and a cage.. then when all else fails throw money or drugs at the problem. Don't be surprised when they throw a fit and destroy the walls with marker.

I’m not speaking towards my parents. Nor am I lumped in in this category, simply because.. My cage is who I am. I made it my own. It’s the sociological sanctuary of study where I flourish. I’m a freak of nature who will no longer be capable of playing well with others. I’m here to wake you up, piss you off, and save your kids. Get ready Parental Generation circa year 2000 and under. Your kids are dying, getting murdered, getting addicted to drugs, and being abused, tortured, and neglected.. And it all starts at home. Have you seen the movie Looper? If you haven’t go watch it. If you want my forthcoming statement to make more sense… Are you ready to be a good parent, a good person? Do you think you already are? I already know I am a flawed piece of shit. Now it is you turn.

PARENTS who truly love.. would you sacrifice yourSELF to save your poor, innocent children? If the answer is no.. and your life is a mess, I promise you it will stay that way. God fearing or not, religious or not.. God is pissed. And so am I. We are running out of options for the overpopulation problem to end without Government takeover, HAARP, or Nuclear War. And if nothing changes then we will all keep killing each other until it does. I say it’s time to stop writing off those who not only DESERVE to be here.. but NEED to be. One of those people left this Earth this week. If I wasn’t alread

imagesy determined to make a difference or die trying.. (which I was).. I now have NO CHOICE. This is why I was put here. It is why I am alive, and it is why you will only continue to hate me. And I beg of you that you do. Turn your hate on me if you're too much of a coward to look in the mirror. But I bet that a minor majority of you aren’t as cowardly, fucked up, or selfish as the ways in which you raised your children. It’s time to go get that windex, and wipe off that mirror. Though, just remember as you study the reflection..There is no room for ego in love. So, get rid of it. Or don’t say that word.


Written by Linnea Loree 

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