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According to the Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement most recent figure, the number of immigration detentions went up 38% compared to last year.

After the blocking of the financial credit for the wall, and the idea of  temporary stoping the entrance for citizens of specific countries (most of them muslims), Donald Trump's administration clearly managed to impose a hard line on the immigration matter.

From January 22 to April 9, ICE officials arrested 41,318 people, an average of more than 400 people a day.

"These statistics reflect President Trump's commitment to fairly and generalized enforce our immigration laws" said Acting Director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Thomas Homan, during a phone call with the press member.

Most of the arrests were made quiet, during the morning and in the houses of the accused, nevertheless the agents also has been acting more aggressively. They have placed in custody people who come to their routine immigration reviews and have even apprehended people who come to court for matters that are not related to immigration.

The main cause for the increase is the transition from the migration policies on the Obama's administration to Trump's. The actual administration changed the way to see crime importance, immmigration went to be persecuted as a primordial issue, a priority for the actual crime investigations. 

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