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There has been wide spread fears that immigration raids are going underway in Los Angeles, after over 100 people had been taken into custody by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials.

A spokeswoman representing the Immigration and Customs Enforcement ensured the LA Times that this was all a regular routine. “Our operations are targeted and lead driven, prioritizing individuals who pose a risk to our communities. Examples would include known street gang members, child sex offenders, and deportable foreign nationals with significant drug trafficking convictions,” the statement said. “To that end, ICE’s routine immigration enforcement actions are ongoing and we make arrests every day," she said.

However, Angelica Salas, executive director of the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles, or CHIRLA has some doubts. In an interview with the Washington Post, “There’s a natural flow of enforcement that happens every day. But this was not normal,” Salas stated.

This speculation derives from the executive order that President Trump signed to build a wall in order to tackle illegal immigration. Fears and tensions rose with protest on the streets when some innocent people were found among the detained by ICE. Immigration officials were looking for an individual with an outstanding warrant, but ended up arresting another person that had the same address for the person they were looking for. Fortunately, he was able to receive legal representation and the immigration attorneys saved him from the bus that was headed to Tijuana, Mexico.

When asked how many individuals were detained and the names of those individuals, ICE refused to provide any information. Whether or not these raids were intended to follow Trump's policy is uncertain, but the possibility shouldn't be ruled out just yet.



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