Spanning some of the world’s most beautiful scenery, India has never ceased to leave me breathless. But not even India’s bewitching beauty is enough to cover up the ugly truths behind her flour topped mountains. Human trafficking has reached some of its highest figures India has ever seen. Roughly around 135, 000 children fall victim to human trafficking every year, and between 2011 and 2013 more than 10, 500 children were declared missing from the central state of Chhattisgarh alone.

Children, being the majority in the trade, are usually trafficked for the use of cheap labour in expanding areas, sexual exploitation, and for various other purposes. It seems the poorest states in India lose the most children yearly. Parents or guardians exploit these children in a trade for money. Living in a country whose currency fights against itself, it’s difficult to sustain oneself within a vicinity that breathes below the poverty line. So as there are many factors that are rooted to the exploitation of women and children in India, what is being done to put an end to it isn't much.

A recent rise in statistics took a huge leap shortly after the Nepal earthquake. Traffickers seem to be taking advantage of these types of situations, while children are left most vulnerable and in some cases orphaned. Trafficking rose by at least 500% since 2014. The SSB managed to rescue 159 children from the hands of traffickers.

Although there are strategies being implemented to further prevent trafficking from flowing as well as it does, it is not enough. Shoving a statistic in someone’s face isn't a face, or a name, or a heartbeat. And as easy as it is to shove facts down your throat, the difficult part is awakening your anger, the emotions that no one should tell you to feel when you hear a seven year old has been sold to work on the fields of high lord, or a thirteen year old girl has been denied an education to instead, tend to the “needs” of someone else, against her will. I shouldn't have to drop numbers upon numbers for you to feel that saying “someone else will deal with it” is a simple lie. A simple form of comfort.

The truth is that there is never enough being done, because there are never enough of those who are willing to do it. The problem isn't the amount of laws we implement, it’s the lack of those who fight for it.



Written by the Poetical Arsonist


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