Innovaqua: A solution to water and plastic contamination

In Mexico more than 70% of the water has been contaminated. This is due to high amounts of residue accumulated in their systems.

Of the 653 aquifers that exist in Mexico, about 110 are over exploited. This means we extract more water than we can replenish, due to our limited resources.

Mexico’s high consumption of soft drinks and bottled water has made it a target market for plastic bottle industries. It has positioned Mexico #1 in PET (Polyesthylene terephthalate) plastic. It is a material that comes from petroleoum and is used to make plastic bottles and other textiles.


Innovaqua has as an objective to be a sustainable and innovative solution to the problems related to water today. It deals with NUBE (Cloud) and Ecotella.

NUBE (Cloud) is a system that generates water from air humidity, absorbing hydrogen and oxygen particles from the air. The device then transforms these particles into water through a specialized filtration process. In this age of wondrous new technology, Innovaqua is the next step in gaining clean water

ECOTELLA is a replacement container made of nylon. Which is a biodegradable material. It provides a simple solution in placement of the consumption of plastic bottles. This is an environmentally conscious solution considering that a plastic bottle takes more than 450 years to degrade.

Innovaqua, based out of Mexico, acknowledged a crucial environmental issue. It is plaguing not only their nation but our planet as a whole and they have created an innovative solution. They can change not only their country but our world.

If you want to get to know more about Innovaqua, and their Cloud and Ecotella, visit their website here.

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