Is Hillary Clinton forgetting or lying?

Is Hillary Clinton having issues remembering things in the past? When speaking at a Democratic Hall Convention, she failed to recall the tragic losses in the Benghazi attack on September 11, 2012 that left four American's dead. When defending her support for NATO interventions in Libya, the Democratic nominee said with full faith in confidence that no one was lost in the deadly terrorist attack.

Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three other US citizens fatally lost their lives, which made it the first time since 1979 that a US Ambassador died in the line of duty. After an FBI investigation, Hillary took responsibility for the damage done in Benghazi.

This isn't Clinton's first mistake when it comes to recollecting facts. She called out her opponent Bernie Sanders in one of her debates, asking him where he was  when she was calling for Health Care Reform back in 1993. Senator Sanders was standing right behind her when she made the speech back in 93.

This year's election has been the oddest and outlandish elections out of all the others ones in history. Nominees have been taking the floor to point fingers and call names rather than explain their plan of execution for the numerous issues that need reform in our country today. Instead of hitting on a serious note on how they plan to handle the responsibility as President of the United States, the election has become more of a reality show with majority of the candidates that are running. Is the United States under good hands when it comes to the vacant Presidential spot next year?



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-Alexander Lee


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