Keeping my head up for what I stand for

Keeping my head up for what I stand for,

as I travel through this journey seeking the opening door.

 Time has the power to heal all wounds so let the flow of life guide me soon.

In the

program of free choice vs destiny,

realize there's no universal command key.

Dont try, just do, let it free, and let it be.

Compare no more, its all part of a whole.

think of elemental theory, oxygen essential as hydrogen.

Aspired to serve their properties, they inspire something new, in life,

in them, as h2o is stemmed.

Would oxygen know of its abilities to become H2O,

Had it not accepted the difference in their status quo. It's as simple as that,

the rule to life fusion.

It's all part of a cycle, this is not an illusion

Vision starts from passion,

Wear respect like high fashion.

Empower one another,

connect, and reflect.

When in doubt, have the dignity to keep things in check.

Admiration takes more than wearing a label.

stepping stones aren't places to get


Love is an action, beyond an obligation, its a pursuit of an opportunity done without expectation.

Now hear what I'm telling you, and maybe let another too. We arent appro

aching the end, if we refocus our energy.

Truth beyond 20/20 perception, dare open your mind to see?

Beauty in the eye of the beholder, differences are the key to new order

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