Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc is the first and only woman in history to command an entire kingdoms army as top general and commander. To make it more impressive she was asked to command King Charles army at age 16! Strength isn't measured by your outside appearance but by the strength, convictions, and confidence inside each and everyone of us.

At age 18, after many "miraculous" victories, she was ordered to defend the city of Compiégne where she was ultimately captured by the English and brought in for a whole entire year of misery, ridiculing, and torture. She was convinced that she was fighting for God and the Mother of God, the "Virgin Mary" which according to Catholic-Christian faith, is the mother of Jesus. She could receive messages from the Virgin Mary even in captivity which kept her strong with her posture to not denounce God or what she was commanded to do from above. At the end of her life she was given the choice to denounce that she had been directed by divine powers through out her military life in return for her life. She was convinced of what she had seen and replied, "I would rather die than do something which I know to be a sin, or to be against God's will." On the morning of May 30, at the age of 19, Joan was taken to the old market place of Rouen and burned at the stake.

Despite your religious believes or philosophy of choice it will take tremendous strength and belief in oneself to accomplish the extraordinary. We are all born with this capability to be great and sometimes we are simply too scared to stand up for what is right or in what we believe in firmly. This world will only be saved through men and women with courage like Joan of Arc. Perhaps we dont have to fight off foreign invaders, but we all have our own individual battles to wage at home, school, or work. We can preach justice and fairness everywhere we go which will ultimately make this world a better place; one person at a time.

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