LAPD On Int. NEWS After Homeless Man Kill

In the US we share our lives on social media and police brutality videos have gone viral. A video shot in L.A. caught the moment when police fired shots after an altercation and killed what appeared to be a homeless man. This video in a matter of days made it all the way to international highlight news.

A major magazine in Mexico – Sexenio – shared this story on its global front page. The perception of America is changing in other cultures and people in other countries are starting to see the types of criminal acts by police and government institutions. People from other countries for years have perceived the U.S. as a place for freedom. That is not the case when you realize the U.S. has more prisoners than any other country in the world with 2.3 million prisoners and a total of about 6.9 million adults under correctional supervision.

Mexican law enforcement has seen corruption for decades and they have seen their share of videos circling through the Internet depicting Mexican police and military in the participation of unlawful actions. Social movements around Mexico are part of the effect of government impunity in the country. Inside the U.S. are similar incidents like the Micheal Brown shooting in Ferguson and the Eric Garner death choke in New York, which in reaction sparked movements against police brutality.

In Mexico one of the most relevant occurrences was the mass disappearing of 43 students from the rural area of Ayotzinapa, Guerrero which is still under investigation. Locals say that police from that municipality executed the students. The Internet has allowed for people to share these events and grow these movements that are being created and supported by the people around the world.

Every country has its flaws and some are social, political, religious or related to a particular collective subject. The U.S. is not the best place to live when it comes to socio-economic equality. With a shocking number of 32 million people not being able to read, there’s a clear problem in the way society is being taught to communicate. Most of these incidents where innocent people are being killed by police involves people who are part of a lower socioeconomic status or minority group. This points out how police are mainly targeting those who are less educated or seem like they are. The main problem seems to be the miscommunication between police officers and its citizens.

Hector Escobedo


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