CREATIVE: Learn another language

Today we live in a totally globalized world. Learning a language can be quite beneficial for our professional environment as it allows us to be in contact with all kinds of people. Surely you have thought about learning a new language, or even more than one. Although the truth is that most of us lack the time or motivation to continue learning a language to reach a good level. Here are some tips to keep you motivated when studying another language.

Once you have decided to learn a language you will realize how quickly your confidence will increase. Your progress will give you enough motivation to continue learning.

It helps to exercise your brain, learning a foreign language helps you stay fit and healthy. When dealing with complicated vocabulary and grammar your neurons work so that your brain is trained not only to increase your memory, but also to get better results in tests and exams.

A study by the University of Chicago showed that learning a foreign language helps make better and faster decisions. People who have grown up in a bilingual environment have more self-confidence and think things through in both languages ​​before making a final decision.

Nowadays it is fundamental to speak at least two languages ​​if you want to find a good job. Candidates with great knowledge of languages ​​are sued in all companies. Our world is becoming increasingly globalized and large companies operate internationally, which is why they expect their employees to be able to communicate with people around the world.

After reading this letter, you agree that learning a second language offers us all kinds of advantages both in formative aspects, and to have a much more prodigious and developed mind.

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