First, what is PET and what is it used for? PET polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is a plastic first produced in 1941 by British scientists, but it was not until 1976 that it arrived in its current form as packaging of food and beverages, becoming A great enemy of the Earth.

Today practically everything comes wrapped in plastic, and that's why the PET industry has achieved a huge boost in our country, becoming the largest consumer of bottled water and soft drinks.

You go to the store, buy a bottle of water or soda, take it and throw it away. Simple not? Yes, very simple and that is why the average consumption of bottles is two daily per person. You probably think that it is not serious to consume a soft drink for simple gluttony, but the point is that you are not the only one who does ...

780,000 tons per year in our country, now imagine the world account ... The use of PET is so common that we forget to realize that we are not helping anything to the planet, much less to us.

PET is everywhere, it is even a derivative of some clothes in your wardrobe, but in its most threatening form is in plastic bags and bottling, as I mentioned earlier, since the human has produced more kilograms of plastic in the last Ten years than in the entire twentieth century.

And there is no need to mention that 50% of these products are used only once before throwing them in the trash, well, if it comes specifically there. An average citizen uses 400 plastic bags per year, the world consumes more than 1 million bags per minute, around 1,500 bottles per second and 35 billion bottles a year in the trash.

The world is moving, but are you part of the revolution? Join us, because in the future when analyzing the sediments in the rocks may be recognized by the age of plastic. All the PET we have created is still here, it has not disappeared.

Use less plastic and leave bottles, take a leather bag and don't use plastic bags at the supermarket, because not all people is aware, or think about when we are going to stop on the way. But you can do it, so wake up.

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