NEWS: Lego sculpture became viral

Lego toys are undoubtedly characterized by exploiting the imagination of children. Often adults become more complicated when faced with a specific task, while children look for practical and simple solutions, but not less creative.

Joel Williams, co-founder of the company's marketing campaign, came over the weekend to a call Kid Creations, an exhibition of children's Lego designs. They were sharing in Twitter different works that were exposed but one in particular called their attention and the Internet.

This is Riley, a 12 year old whose face we do not know, but is already a reference on the internet, where he has received many compliments for his ingenuity. The structure consists of a single yellow piece of four buttons which he called Worm (Worm).

Although some might outwit Riley from slack or make the least effort, in fact their solution was quite practical and creative, as well as graceful.

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