Lets make our Revolution a LOVE Revolution.
The wars of today will have no winners. Either we put an end to war or war will put an end to us. In todays day an age the battle against humanity is a highly advanced and psychological in which corporation advertisers and the elite who want to control societies general opinion, bombard society with subliminal messages that if done with enough precision and frequency can sway and bend the will of the people to do almost anything; go to war, accept laws that arent beneficial, or even buy products or services that arent needed. This is the power of advertising. Corporations in the U.S.A spend most their marketing budgets on children's advertising from age 2-12. What is this telling us about our society where parents allow their kids to grow up watching tv mostly everyday?

We process visual messages 80,000 times faster than audible messages so think on the implications this can have on children and people growing up watching images that they dont understand everywhere they go. World proclaimed Albert Einstein talks about how much more powerful the subconscious mind is than the conscious mind.  When are young children we store everything in our subconscious mind until our conscious mind becomes conscious about everything he has learned. Once this mind transition occurs we tend to think our subconscious mind simply shuts off. This is far from the truth.
Your subconscious mind become the receptor and in-taker of everything you see, hear or experience. The subconscious mind never forgets anything, and stores everything and inversely affects the way your conscious mind thinks about concepts and how it reacts to daily life.

Despite the staggering data coming out over inequality, massive debt, wars, nuclear spills, contamination, deforestation, poverty, corruption, and injustice everywhere, so many are so easily distracted from these realities and hypnotized by the alternative reality where advanced hypnosis carries individuals to think that pop culture is all that is either relevant or important. Without a unified humanity resonating together in the frequency of LOVE and compassion we wont be able to change the data around into a world full of opportunity, kindness, comprehension and LOVE.
LOVE my friends, LOVE. This is the frequency we were designed to operate under and if we dont wake up from our young raised and inculcated hypnotic state of apathy and tolerance to evil, we will be consumed completely by it. Love is the key ingredient to makes this potion appealing for those marginalized by society to join others and mend this massive existing division in humanity today.

A violent revolution will not solve anything like in Thomas Jeffersons time but the issues pressing us are just as important and relevant as they were to Jefferson in his time. The difference is that technology today is too devastating and brutal for everyone to be pointing missiles or guns at each other. The people must voluntarily come together and democratically be aware and have the courage to vote in someone who is willing to do what is right for all humans to live free, happy, and independent.

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