Liberty, the blessing to recover

Liberty has kissed my lips and empowered my feet

to walk to a land where invisible chains enslave no more.

Knowledge and truth shines like a raw diamond

waiting for its brilliance to be discovered by individual minds.


But as of now, liberty in its full splendor

seems to have been violently yet subtly assassinated.

The shiny deception of a world consumed in an unquenchable thirst

for power, possessions and pleasure has very successfully chained our feet.


Activists are silenced by a dark hand that we all know yet most ignore

votes are rigged and choice is just another modern-day deception.

Freedom is mistaken as the right to do what I choose,

when real freedom must include the capability to do what I must.


Concrete jungles running drunk on oil that asphyxiates the lungs of the young

and species destroyed exponentially as I type these words. Our Garden destroyed.

While our food is manipulated to kill us slowly, don't belive me... ask Mr. McDees.

When will it be enough?


Liberty has kissed my lips and opened my heart

into a promise land that we must make true!

But as cliché as it may sound...

It begins with me, it begins with you! That is true!


Take your heart and nurture your mind

a little reflection can bring you out of the cave

where you will see

that liberty is more than you see.




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