Fighting the paramount fight,

in the violent struggle to break free from darkness,

will show you it is possible

to reach the light.


But in this arduous exodus

to grasp the promised land,

macabre and sinister plans

detract us into furious ones.


Ones silenced, comfortable and perplexed...

those captured by the lies

calling good, bad;

and wrong what is right.


Where the surface shines bright, bright;

but the rotting flesh of the inside

of an immortal soul in horrific decay

is impossible to hide from almighty eyes!


But if you valiantly undertake the good fight...

and choose to open your heart and mind

and align the gift of your life to the truth you find...

the only truth that is, as it alone subsists...


You will perceive that the power of that lie

will only persevere as long as we believe in it.


Oh gruesome lie, full of the vagueness of death

of a world so obsessed with destroying itself

with our selfishness tearing apart the womb

separating us from the divine,

turning us into irrational swine.


That absurd lie, that keeps us complacent

and chains our souls to the hands of a few

who constantly mock your rights as most suffer,

and they drink our blood once they´ve squeezed enough.


That insane lie will have no power over your heart,

for the reason that love will overflow from eternity

inundating your spirit with the Infinite One

where you shall transcend the foolishness of men, with truth.


Discovering in continuous action that this mess of deceit

will only change when in truth and love

we turn to the One who through mysterious wisdom

gave us what we never asked for...



Don´t be afraid to do something to change the world!

The world was transformed by an act of love,

and an act of love can change it again!



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