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On Friday, November 10, 2017, a group of employees from Lockheed Martin gathered for a breakfast meeting. However, this was no ordinary meeting. Manufacturing Engineering Manager Jose Daniel hosted a Bible study in Ol’South Pancake House in Fort Worth, Texas at 5am. A total of 30 employees from every different department met together to share their experience which built their belief (TRUST) in Jesus Christ.

Normally in the corporate world, businesses do not let their employees share their political or religious views because they must uphold their company’s values and not let those beliefs get in the way of their work. Nevertheless, there is no policy that restricts employees from practicing their faith outside of their work settings. For that reason, Jose was inspired to set up this meeting very close to work with his friends support and the outcome was astonishing. He had no idea that so many individuals would show up at 5am.

Paul Alexander, Director of Engineering, kicked off the meeting with a prayer and a brief introduction. Jose Daniel welcomed the team and shared his recent experience that built his increased trust in the Lord. Juanita Crain narrated Romans Chapter 12 “Transformation By Renewal of Mind,” “We are one body in Christ.” A few keynote speakers from the company spoke about how God has been using them at Lockheed Martin.

Greg Ulmer who is the Vice President of the F-35 production business unit ministered to the group by sharing a daily devotional and then spoke about the importance of supporting one another in the work field. Because faith and faith alone is what has gotten him through his work, it is imperative to be there for their employees who may not be familiar with the Christian faith. There are many people who smile on the surface, but deep down inside no one knows exactly what is going on in their lives personally.

This was evident in the life of Guy Marshall who is the director of production engineering. Six years ago, Guy was diagnosed with stage 4 Colon cancer and he thought it was the end of his life. After medication and treatment, Guy miraculously survived and since then there hasn't been a trace of the cancer in his body. Although the medication and treatment helped to some degree, he gives it all to God through prayer. Without his faith in God and the power of prayer, he believes there is no other way that he would be alive and back to work without any limitations.

After such a powerful and successful turn out, the employees were able to connect on a personal level. Jose plans on consecutively meeting every first working Friday of the month. The next one is scheduled for Dec 8 at 5am.

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