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Take a moment to just look at the world. Stare into space and get outside of your own personal life and look at everyone else's. Many times we get too wrapped up in our daily struggles and forget that there are billions of other people around us. We are all sharing the same space in different ways and I find that beautiful. What I find even more beautiful though, is that in all our different lives, we all appreciate and share the same small things. We all appreciate the same radiant sun, the ocean water, and the same breezy air.

Emotions drive our actions; we find happiness in helping others and grief with those grieving. We smile when we see dogs playing and enjoy the music of the birds. People, animals, and nature binds us together and at times, we forget the most beautiful things in life don't even require money. We get wrapped up in man made advancements that have us all shut off from what is happening outside. We spend our passing hours in front of a TV sitting on a couch playing a video game. People look deeper  within. Too much time is being wasted sitting with our phones flipping through instagram and forgetting to make our own memories.  Being outside and dancing in the rain or sliding through the mud, or diving unto a pile of snow is not enjoyed anymore as much as going to a dance club, driving the fastest cars, or shopping for latest fashion trends. Look at the world, and really look at it. It's bigger and better than what we sometimes make it out to be.


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