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Everyone wants to feel loved. Whether one craves appreciation in the sense of romance or camaraderie, people yearn for an unconditional connectedness to one another.

As humans, most of us have faced a struggle of some sort to obtaining an attachment at least once in our life. Could there be a large notion we disregard leading to suppression of our desired associations?

Could we already be connected?World Peace hands

According to the popular six degrees of separation theory, there is a global link amongst all humans and the energy we eject. This theory states that six instances of introduction connect each person to another. With the rise of social media, researchers have declared that the average number of acquaintances between two people, no matter who they are, drops from six to 3.9.


Frigyes Karinthy, a Hungarian author, was the first to introduce the idea of connectedness surrounding humans in 1929. The idea was popularized in the 1960s by sociologist Stanley Milgram. If associations hitch us all, how powerful is the energy we exude?

Science and innovation is validating through numerous ancient text, philosophies and religions that there is a definite, yet unseen, connectedness between human beings and all life. Studies are establishing that the world, from everything to everyone, is connected as a constant energy field. This means that each feeling, thought and action we have influences the whole.

If we cannot observe this connection with our five senses, then how do we know it is real?

We are aware that invisible satellite waves are sent to a radio or television to materialize sounds or images. Similarly, many of us have experienced synchronicity of thought with another human being. One example of synchronicity being a sudden thought of someone you know, and then later receiving a message from that person. When this happens, it is possible that we have become the receiver of the other person’s “wave” of communication.

The ability to send and receive messages of energies from one another can influence numerous aspects of our lives, from relationships and situations to our physical and mental health.   However, this goes beyond positive and negative thinking. Studies from reputable research of academic and scientific institutions are reaching toward the fact that all forms of life are interconnected, or link as one. Science has already measured the power of prayer, meditation, love and visualization. Being that we are essentially “one”, we have the power to change the state of the world by simply altering our thoughts and feelings toward one another.

human-connection-300x199      Humans participate in an intertwined and independent multitude of energy known as a “unified field”, where everything we do affects the whole.   Similar to the Butterfly Affect, the most minute thought or feeling can produce boundless ripples in the wavelets of an energy field.

Still doubtful of the capacity of power your energy contains?

In 1993 a two-month study was conducted in Washington, DC testing the power of transcendental meditation and its ability to reduce Washington’s crime rate. The study was a success, by a staggering 48%. This derives from crime being linked to chaotic stressors, which meditation can neutralize by creating comprehensible waves to prevent materialization of these infelicitous energies.

What does this mean for the power us human beings hold? The signals we energize not only affect us, but most everything around us as well, from plants and animals to the bacteria and compounds that sit under the surface of life.

The more you are aware of these higher frequencies, the more you will attract the similar energy you send. Our heart has an energy field 100 times stronger than our brain. If you send love, compassion and kindness, you will be likely to notice these energies appearing in events, people and your life in general. We cannot harm another without harming ourselves because we all are fastened in this coalesced energy field.

How can we use this knowledge to positively uplift and change the global community of our lives? Are we scrutinizing the positive outlook we want to create in the world and ourselves? Are we treating others with the respect and love we desire to obtain? If we want the power of our heart and mind to expand throughout the world, we must focus our attention on the better of the whole, rather than clinging to egotistical and selfish mindsets.



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