Mainstream media does not line up to the TRUTH

On December 2, 2015 in the city of San Bernardino, Tashfeen Malik and Syed Farook and an accomplice opened fire during a Christmas Party at Inland Regional Center where Farook worked at. As a result of the shooting, 14 people were killed making this tragedy one of the most deadliest domestic terrorist attacks since 9/11. The mainstream media underwent  heavy investigation of the incident to keep the citizens of the United States at bay on this devastating event. Eventually the Bonnie and Clyde couple were killed in a shootout between police. Reports from the media stated there were three suspects involved, one of them who was detained and taken in for question. The third suspect was later identified as Enrique Marquez whom the media hasn't mentioned about ever since. The FBI claims that Farook claimed allegiance to ISIS on his Facebook before the attack. His page was taken down for further investigation with his involvement with the terrorist organization. Before I begin with the rest of the article, I must confess that I may not have all the facts about the incident and I do send my condolences to the victims, their family, friends and loved ones. I am sorry if what I report does or does not turn out to be true, but after further investigating this incident there are many unanswered questions that disprove the validity of the tragic incident.

As the mainstream media is in control with the narrative of the story, there has been huge criticism among "Conspiracy Theorists" who question the facts behind their investigation of the shooting. All conspiracy theorists question when incidents of this magnitude take place in our country. They believe that 9/11 was a false flag attack planned by the government to increase security measures and strip the citizens of their constitutional rights in trade of protection. There are many documentaries and whistle blowers that challenge the validity of how the planes brought down the twin towers and how these terrorists managed to take over such a well planned operation. With technology advancing, official leaked documents providing information about the attacks are being released to the public to prove George Bush and his administration were involved with the attacks and that he knew prior to that incident that its execution was imminent. Not to mention with the release statement of former FBI staff employee Edward Snowden; the NSA and the government have been spying on every US citizen instead of preventing future attacks by potential "terrorists." Still there are many who believe that Bin Laden was the mastermind solely responsible for orchestrating the attacks. Another questionable "false flag" attack occurred in Newton, Connecticut at Sandy Hook Elementary School by the mentally deranged Adam Lanza. There were many inconsistencies and questions with the lack of proof of victims on the scene.  Initial reports stated that Lanza used an AR-Rifle (which was banned as a result in the state of CT) but it turned out to be a hand gun. Many conspirators and gun-rights activists believe that this so called "Emergency Drill" was an agenda to push fear in the American citizens to implement stricter gun control. All of these major incidents appeared to have a certain agenda, and all for further control over American citizen's rights.

Let's examine the facts and misguided information of the investigation followed by the FBI and the mainstream media. Prior to a year ago, there was an emergency drill that was conducted at the Inland Hospital, and many  conspiracy theorists are speculating that this was indeed another false flag attack to install fear of domestic terrorism. The FBI said that Farook pledged allegiance to ISIS on his Facebook right before the mass shooting took place, yet for some reason ISIS did not claim responsibility for the incident unlike the Paris terrorist attacks. CBS news did a report with Sally Abdelmageed, who was a witness and employee at the Inland Hospital, and was asked to describe the shooters, she said they were three tall-built white males in black tactical gear with a black hat. Only after describing the suspects did the cameramen cut her phone interview off. Then CBS reporter Scott Pelley corrected Abdelmageed by saying a woman was discovered to be one of the suspects. Even if Abdelmageed were to have given a misleading report of her account, the third suspect was never identified nor spoken about pending the investigation. Although we discovered that Enrique Marquez was the alleged third suspect (who helped purchase and dispense the firearms to the couple), the news switched up the narrative that the wife and husband were the only alleged shooters. Still it is quite odd how the media never immediately reported that there was a standoff shootout between the police and the extreme Jihadi couple. It is also mind boggling as to how the couple managed to fund themselves for all the weapons they purchased. Fox News reported that Utah-based deposited $28,500 without clear and cut answers as to how the couple managed to take on such a huge loan. There is plenty of more mis-lead information that was shared by the mainstream news, but the one most questioned about is: why did the landlord of the suspects welcomed members of the press and victim's families into their house? Why would authorities allow anyone into the site of an investigation and tamper all the evidence? 

As the agenda of instilling fear into American's with another domestic terrorist attack, the US government was keen on bolstering up it's security measures. Not only did it manage to convince American's to fear ISIS, but it continued to increase the popularity and notoriety of Donald Trump in his presidential campaign. Trump has been criticized and almost disqualified for his racist remarks on Muslims around the world. When asked how he would deal with the threat of ISIS in America if he were president, the Republican Candidate responded with this. He would deport all Syrian refugees out of America, close all Mosques in the US, and make all Muslim American's carry special ID's. This is not the first time that Trump has made racial slurs as he was ridiculed by the Latino community for stating that he would close the border and deport all immigrants (whom he referred to as rapist and criminals) out of the country. Although many critics ridicule the Conspiracy Theorists for wearing their tin foil hat too tight; after examining the facts, they do not appear to be too outlandish. Evidence continues to frequently flow out over these incidents and its starting to make sense, as many American's are becoming aware of the truth. Unfortunately, Trump has produced a large following of extreme hardcore American's that follow his ideals. His following has produced a rise in Muslim-American hate crimes in the country and continue to divide the people of the country further. Because of the division and damage that Trump is creating with his remarks, he is being compared to the likes of Hitler and many believe he will create a communist-like country if he were elected president. Instead of being the United States of America, our country with all it's problems has become more like the "Divided States of America" despite it being the largest melting pot of diversity. The Conspirators have coined the term"Sheeple" (Sheep following, believing everything the government is telling them) to those unaware of the truth. But as the reality is beginning to settle in more rapidly, maybe those rocking the tinfoil hats aren't so crazy after all?



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-Alexander Lee

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