Majority in Colombia vote NO to peace deal with FARC

In a historic vote in Colombia, a slight majority has rejected the peace agreements reached by the Colombian government and the FARC.

Colombia has been the victim of a war with several guerrilla organizations for over 50 years. In an attempt to bring peace to the country, representatives from both the government and the FARC met almost five years ago in La Habana, Cuba in a process that has lasted until September of this year.

After the final agreement was presented, Colombians had to decide this October 2nd if they said either 'YES' or 'NO' to the final agreements reached by President Juan Manuel Santos' government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia.

Propaganda flooded the country in favour of the peace agreements, trying to convince the people that a vote for the 'NO' would be a vote for WAR, and a vote for the 'YES' would be one for PEACE. However, this vote is not about being in favor of peace or not, every Colombian wants peace, it was only a vote to represent the people's regards for the agreements reached by both parties.

The results from this voting session reveal the lack of confidence that the Colombian people have for the two entities that reached this agreement. People were very esceptic about many aspects of the deal, like for example: the lack of justice that the leaders of FARC would have to face (many committed grave crimes against humanity: extorsion, recruitment of children to war, kidnapping, mass murders, drug traffiking, etc.), the rise of taxes to support the post-conflict, the modification of the constitution, etc.

This event clearly demonstrates that there needs to be a serious revision of the peace agreements so that a true and just peace may be reached.


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