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We all have free will, which is a scary but wonderful thing. We can choose our destiny today and every other day. Multiple decisions throughout the day are practically what make up our lives. Since we all share the same space, many things, people, and situations can intervene at the same time whether we are prepared for them or not. I want to focus on the negative part which can be something caused by others or ourselves. Some examples can include losing a job, wrecking your car, running out of money, etc.; there are endless possibilities. How you choose to handle the situation from that point forward is entirely up to you. “Make it a moment, not a lifetime.” In whatever situation you get yourself in, it can automatically cause negative emotions internally. When negative emotions begin to take over, it may seem like you have little control. HOWEVER, you can decide from that moment on if you will dwell on the situation and emotions and for how long. You DO have control.


Some situations can be very difficult to deal with and can affect your mood for really long periods of time, while others can be easily shaken off. The fact of the matter is that you can decide how to handle and deal with those emotions. The problem with staying mad or sad from something that occurred in your life for a long period of time is that it can become a lifetime before you know it! If you cannot find a way to get out of that negative state of mind and/or emotion, it begins to affect other decisions and situations around you and gradually, it can develop into your personality. It may seem very difficult to stay positive and decide to make the best of situations, but it is not impossible. “What’s done is done, so what’s next? Better yet, what will I do next?” Looking back on things and staying mad at the past effect your chances of what’s next, they even have the ability to blind you and keep you from moving forward. But heres the good news! You can choose your happiness at any point in time. The best thing you can do is understand that life has it’s up and downs, but they only last a moment. We are not guaranteed tomorrow so the best thing we can do is focus on the now. You have the power to turn the page and move forward.

moment1If you find yourself going through a hard time or having a hard time getting out of an emotional state of mind, reach out to someone or something that will bring you joy and expand on that. If your best friend makes you happy, try to spend time with him or her for a while and feed off of that positivity. If going to church and praying brings you peace, do it as many times as you can. Find the things that used to make you happy and motivated, and focus on that for a while and eventually, you will begin to give yourself the opportunity of happiness again. It’s your choice to choose if you make it a moment or a lifetime.


Written by: Valeria Ochoa

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