Man-Up | By: James Svoboda

America elected its first president, George Washington, based on his character of telling the truth. Without going into other weaknesses, let us discuss a flaw that everyone has experienced. We have all lied. Individuals find it necessary to lie, however, to what degree is it acceptable? Will the world be better off if everyone stopped lying? Pointing you in the right direction is the aim of this blog. A difference between a white lie and an absolute fragrant statement is the same result. It is lying and the reader needs to know and understand that it is not what Abraham’s God intended.

Being a basketball enthusiast, I recently had the opportunity to watch a revered coach tell a player on the other team that it was bad of him to take a three point shot when his team was winning and time was expiring. The player’s team had won. The coach I am talking about was Coach Krzyzewski, of Duke University. According to reporters and others that attended, at a press conference, Coach K denied saying anything. However, when proven that the coach did say something, he changed his story. He later apologized for it by saying it was not his place to tell the kid what to do, after all, he was a member of another team. If Coach K would actually “Man-up”, it might have been better for all concerned; for him to say that he lied about the incident, as it really did happen. Most of us would do the same thing, trying to save face. Respect of the speaker would drop considerably, however; telling the truth that he lied about not making the statement, would have built him up to those around him that really cared for his esteem and character.

Moving from sports, where it is important that coaches and players present a certain image, to more of the general population. Dr. Phil, on his T.V. show, asked Mr. Robert Feldman, author of The Liar in Your Life: The Way to Truthful Relationships, Dr. Phil asked, “Why do people lie?” Mr. Feldman, said, "People lie because they can get away with it, because it works for them," he says. "It's a way to get along with other people. It's a way to control your world, and it's a way that you can use to make other people do what you want them to do." That sounds like a good reason for lying- manipulate others for our own purposes. Politicians do that every day, from the Office of the President to representatives of congress. To keep their jobs congress manipulate the voters. Telling your children not to lie when you do it yourself in other ways. Sure you told someone “You look so thin,” when the person does not. Who gets hurt in the end? Another easy statement to make is “I want to help you,” when the bottom line is, it will cost too much money, time, or effort on your part to help. In school, teachers, administrators, and parents lie to the children that are not doing well. When the child finds out he or she is not pleased with their progress, it then destroys the desire of the learning process. In the end, everyone gets hurt when the truth surfaces. Do we “Man-up” and tell the truth or is a little white lie necessary to make everyone feel better?

Abraham’s God teaches us that we give worship to truth. Psalms 111:7 indicates that God’s work is truth and justice. Hebrews 6:18 claims that the holy nature of God is not able to lie. Based on that, it is safe to say that all others are liars. Satan is described as “the father of lies” and “no truth is in him”. Given The Bible as the basis of how to conduct our lives, we are never to lie. The ninth commandant states, “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor” (Ex20:10; cf. Deut 5:20; Ex 23:1 Lev. 19.1, 11: Col. 3:9). Continuing to read The Bible, scripture provides circumstance, which a moral person can; deceive (See Jer. 1:5, 10: 38: 24).

Phycologists explain that lying is a form of adjustment disorder. More classifications are habitual liar, manipulative liar, compulsive liar, or lying for attention. Using The Bible as the basis for life principles, we should not lie. Humankind’s nature to lie brings on stress, to which modern day medicine and therapy seems to be the only answer. The American way of the public currently, is to lie. All politicians, bureaucrats, and even a presidential candidate, has had trouble losing records. In politics, the public accepts that promises and incorrect statements are a way of doing business.

The character of humankind is no longer important, especially, if it does not affect our everyday lives. The future is very easily unforeseen. If, as an individual, you do not think about how the lies and false actions will affect the future, you are unable to do much about it. Our modern medicine classifies this condition as adjustment disorder. We as a society have difficulty handling the stress that life brings. It is natural to lie to adjust to whatever symptom is going on around us. Should we accept it or stand up to it and demand the truth? Permitting ourselves to lie, contributes to the downfall of humanity. Each of us needs to take responsibility for our actions in an honest way.


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