Mighty Fiery Sun


Oh mighty fiery sun!
Ancient friend,
as night fell
and darkness reigned
you were still there.
But once again,
as we rotated
our eyes met
as you illuminate a new day.
Oh mighty fiery sun!
Bright friend,
I see the flowers rejoice
while you hug them
with your rays.
And nourish all
under your watch
while we sit,
of the Light.

I am sure many things can be said about the sun, both scientifically and culturally, most of which I am ignorant of. However, sunbathing today brought a couple of thoughts into my mind. First, the stable ability of the sun to freely share its properties with us. (Thanks be to God the greedy elite have not dared yet to tax the sun light). But the sun unlike most of the institutions in our society, asks nothing from us to bathe us every day. Its energy is indispensable to all life on earth, it allows our farmers to cultivate food, its gravity maintains us from wandering in outer space, its warmth is just right so what we don't have to melt away like we would in Mercury or freeze like we would in Neptune. And so, we could dissect any form of life and see the inherent union with the energy of the sun. This is just another example of how generous nature really is with us. And should definitely tell us something about our disconnection with our true nature. If we constantly seek to posses instead of share. Like the sun does.
And if the sun can be so generous by just being, then how much more generous must the Creator be?

God bless you!



Written by brother Andres Maria

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