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October 10, 2015; Washington, D.C. 10 a.m.

Tensions between minorities and the Justice system haven't been this high in a long time. At The Washington Mall with a little over 1 million black men and other races gathered to commence the Million Man March which was started over 20 years ago. Although 20 years have passed since its origins and much progress has occurred, today this demonstration has never been more needed to discuss methods that could bring justice and trust back into our society which seems once again so divided.joe

"Justice or Else" movement calls justice for African Amricans who have given America 460 years of sweat and blood to make her rich and powerful, immediate end to police brutality and mob attacks, justice for the Native American Indians, justice for Mexicans/Latinos, justice for women, justice for the poor, justice for the incarcerated, justice for the veterans and justice for the land.  The most renown  Minister Louis Farrakhan headed the Million Man March 20 years ago to speak out against the injustice society suffers under and to bring solutions to the problem. This year the Louis Farrakhan spoke under the theme "Justice or Else".

With all major issues at hand, "Justice or Else" was able to gain the support of millions of people around the nation which allowed the movement to bring its ranks to number 1. As a result from these marvelous and moving speeches from the march, 1.7 black men registered to vote, there was a significant increase in membership of the NAACP organization as well as churches and mosques, and the National Association of Black Social Workers reported a total of 13,000 applicants to adopt black children.

nganFrom the superfluous groups of organizations, it was notable to mention the Next Generation Action Network was present. President of NGAN Minister Dominique Alexander and Executive Director Robert Morris attended to represent the community of Dallas and the state of Texas. There have been numerous issues within the community of Dallas and it's neighbors that have been bringing an uproar among people from around the world, the most notorious incident being the death of Sandra Blnd. NGAN has been working hard to provide justice within the surrounding communities of Dallas to bring justice into the police departments that have broke its vows and oaths to protect and serve. For countless attempts the organization has been risking so much to help bring justice for families victimized of police brutality and murder. It was a momentous and unforgettable memory that the NGAN experienced, witnessed, and was part of history in the change and reform of justice that was inspired 20 years ago. Despite the criticism Minister Louis Farrakhan may have received for things he said in the past, whether it had been misinterpreted or not, he left attendees at the march with a simple message and lesson. To eradicate the injustices of this society, whether it be black on black crime, police brutality, inequality of women, mistreatment of veterans, etc., one must look himself/herself in the mirror and erase all those notions and feelings of hate. Until one can correct himself/herself, the changes that this country needs for justice will not prevail.
Although mainstream media news did obtain footage of the event, there was not a significant deal of coverage mentioned or provided. There were a few who were quick to discredit some of the speakers of the march.

Despite the lack of attention the media paid for this historical moment, the Million Man March should be known for a peaceful, harmonious and unifying gathering  by people of different nations, religions, history and backgrounds.


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