Miracles Exist | By: Irene Aguirre

Last Friday night I went to the movies with my princess; we watched a movie that we both enjoyed and loved, but what really hit me that night was a message from God, although I have known so for many years, this time came to me stronger than ever, I am talking about the previews.

A movie called; "Miracles from Heaven" obviously about a miracle; a little girl that is diagnosed with a digestive disorder and miraculously heals after an accident she suffers.


That night I receive this message in a special way to reaffirm what was already very clear in my head, but this time came to enlighten.

There are many words, actions and experiences that we hear about, too often that sometimes they become ordinary to the point that they lose the true sense of the meaning.

This time I mainly refer to the word "miracle"

If we research "miracle" in Google we find numerous of definitions and they all vary depending on who is defining; atheists, scientists, psychologists, etc.

But this without a doubt is the best explanation for those who have unshakable faith (google research).

A miracle is a situation, phenomenon or act that it can't be explained by natural principles and therefore it is imputed to the participation of a divine entity.

To me and to millions of people around the world it is extraordinarily GOD!

For all of us that truly believe in God, the fact to be alive is already a Miracle in itself; when a new creature arrives to this world whether it's a baby or a puppy we are already witnessing the miracle of life, when we see the infinity of the sea and the extraordinary nature that is in every corner of the universe…

But what about the situations we hear about through books, movies and anecdotes that have no explanation.

When they transmit through the media miracles that have happened to many privileged people, they fill us with emotion, Faith, and tears that move us to the depths of our body and feelings.

I have seen it in many ways but Friday night made me value it again and this time even more.

How to thank God when you realize that you are truly privileged to witness and have the pure evidence of your child who is living in the flesh a miracle..

Is been a few years since I wrote a book that hasn't yet been published over my daughter's life and the privilege of living with an angel.

Her story is way too long and incredible, and is the cause that made me write a book.

Nevertheless this time I'm trying to be brief.

My daughter Jessica was born with a strange brain malformation where only 1 in 100,000 children survive this diagnostic with short life expectancy, Jessica also has hydrocephaly, and when she was 3-years-old she had her first seizure (epilepsy).Image-1

These medical difficulties have put my daughter through countless surgeries ranging from her head, to her eyes, to her back, and an epileptic crisis that put her life near death.

Together we have been through numerous amounts of hospital halls, countless medical appointments, sleepless nights, weeks and even months admitted to hospitals through many complications, and all through-out her short but intense life.

In 2009 Jessica had a shunt failure (shunt that drains fluids from her brain) that took her practically to the death.

As a mother and as a human being I have no words to describe the unimaginable pain I experienced when I saw my daughter dying, for 3 minutes the medical staff attempted to bring her back; her life was against all the medical prognostics, the priest giving her the last rites, and so many situations that seemed as if she was gone, but as a warrior, Jessica clung to life and I did to her.

Image-2One of the priests told me;

"give her to God, look at her, let her go, give her to our Father and thank him for the 13 years he allowed you to enjoyed her"

… I just couldn't!

I never had the courage to say God here she is, you can take her… I just felt as if I was dying along with her and in that agony I begged God to let her live.

Intubated, depending on life-support machines to be able to breath, cables and tubes all over her body, doctors told me if she was able to survive, chances would be that she could end in a vegetable state.

My Jessy and God confirmed once more that MIRACLES EXIST!! Not even against all prognostic and the amazement of the same medical staff, not even science or nature could explain how this happened.


Two months later as a warrior she left the hospital with her big smile thats joyfully contagious.

This past Summer she was invited to the National Institute of Health in Washington D.C. and not even German Dr. Muenke (main researcher of Holoprosencephaly) can find the explanation that my daughter has had all this progress despite her diagnostic.

Today she had an EEG just like two years ago to see what the chances were to decrease her epilepsy medication dosage since she hasn't suffered a seizure for over 10 years.

Nevertheless the neurologist said once more, that there is no way we can do that, the EEG results came out very abnormal showing big epileptic activity in her brain.

This is when I ask myself; how is it possible that this little creature whose been through it all can be so full of happiness?

She depends on her wheelchair and she is totally happy, she doesn't care to walk because she is happy just the way she is, she can't talk, but she finds the funniest of ways to express her needs, wishes, and joys, but most of all she transmits and spreads LOVE.

I really enjoy books and movies over the Miracles of God. And of course even better when they show them beautifully through the big screen magic, with wonderful effects and music that fill your heart.

But I still like our story way better, I'm a direct witness and feel totally privileged of knowing that God chose me to put under my care one of his most beautiful and special angels that I know. He sent Jessica to transmit through her that MIRACLES EXIST, just like many other angels that are between us around the world.

Simply there is no explanation to all that she's been through, the epileptic activity currently happening in her brain keeping her under a constant risk of suffering an epileptic crisis, and that she's not even aware of her condition , but what she really reflects; She's just a Miracle on wheels!!Image-4


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