How can words
ever describe
the wonders
of the morning of the night?
When the sun begins to set
and the moon begins to light.
When to the naked,
attentive eye;
the rotation of the sphere,
Law Divine!
Welcome, welcome
lovely night,
with your darkness
and your light,
what does Father teach through you?
Only what is right!


As the sun sets, and the light fades, many things can be discerned. For one, we can witness the rotation of the earth; as the sun gently disappears, and the moon appears more. With this we can witness the constant and powerfully obedient movement of our own earth. A movement that only takes place with in a movement of more quantity, the movement of the universe itself.
If we are more aware about the nature of our exterior reality, or the reality we perceive physically, then we can conclude that it is constantly moving. The earth rotates around the sun, as the moon does around the earth, and as the atoms do in us and in everything. This also indicates that everything we see, though we may notice or not, is changing; if, we consider change, as a result of movement. And so, physical things seem to be changing, whether position or appearance, and with appearance meaning to the change that takes place physically through time in all beings, nothing is stable. For example, if you look at humans, it took us several changes that were constantly happening for us to inherit the form of, in my case, a 23 year old male. A baby in appearance is definitely not exactly the same as an elder. Just as a seed is not the same in appearance as a tree. This seems to be the case for everything in the physical cosmos. Which in vague terms means that everything is changing. And if everything is changing, then nothing (physical) is stable in appearance. This leads us to the conclusion that every moment is unique. For nothing will remain the same as it was in that past moment. And we can exclaim with Heraclitus, that ‘we will never bathe in the same river twice!’ Constantly, everything is changing position and appearance to exist as it does in the present moment. Hence, trying to avoid movement or change is not only lunacy but un-natural. We must accept that moment for what it is, a convergence of designed miracles that will never manifest themselves in that way ever again!
Now, instead of trying to solve questions like, how did movement begin? or how does it maintain itself? Etc. I believe it is more important and urgent for us to delve into the question of how can we, whom are part of the evident moving flux, be aware of the fact that we are moving? How is it that we can perceive movement and know it happens? Once again, if we turn towards the nature of perception we see that there needs to be an absence of the thing perceived for it to be perceived. There needs to be an absence of color in our eyes for us to be able to perceive those colors. Just as there needs to be an absence of the sound perceived for our ears to hear it. This is the case for all of the senses, which happen to be our tools to perceive that which is material. So, if it is the case that we need the absence of that which is perceived for it to be able to be perceived, then we must need the un-moved to perceive the moved. In other words, we can claim that we need something that lacks movement for us to be aware of movement. But what can be un-moved in us?
We can deduce that non of the senses will serve in this type of perception, even none of our physical attributes are capacitated to undertake the task of being aware of movement. For though we perceive the results of movement with our senses, our senses are also subject to the same law of movement, change, and decay that rules the physical world. So the awareness of movement can not happen by means of movement, but un-movement is necessary, a quality our sensory faculties do not have. So far, it seems that it is necessary for our being to possess a faculty that is un-moved for us to be able to perceive movement. Yet our senses don’t suffice the necessity.
Could the mind be this ‘organ’ that is un-moved? We know the organ itself, the brain, is not exempt from the laws of movement and change. It eventually also disappears as the rest of the body. Then what about the thoughts that are produced by the brain? Are they lacking of movement? Just the fact that thoughts are not eternal, since they have a beginning, already signifies that thoughts themselves are moved. And if they are moved, then they are also not responsible for the awareness of movement, even though this study itself is being conducted by thoughts. For though it is through formulated thoughts that we can dissect the meaning of movement and its implication in us, the mere fact that thoughts are created means that they are not stable. What then can allow us to perceive movement?
It is necessary that the essence of movement, or the concept of movement, be perceived only by that which does not participate of movement. The only direction that this question seems to lead us, is the direction of the soul. Does the anima contain the capacity to be aware of that which to our physical body is impossible to be aware of? This I believe but my mind does not know. At least now we know that such a faculty we have. We can be aware of movement and time, and for this to be possible we require a timeless and un-moved essence.
I pray that the Holy Spirit may allow us to better know the Un-moved, the Eternal, and Infinite with in us!

Written by Andres Angulo

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