NEWS: Meet the nun who's going to rap for Pope Francis

Her name is María Valentina de los Ángeles and she is not only known for her joy and charisma, but also for showing that it is possible to make music without leaving aside the habit.

Last year Valentina participated in the reality show "To another level", where it showed its talent to rap with Christian messages; later she was invited to participate in the song "Demos el primer paso" (Let's take the first step), from the group United Catholic Musicians (MCU).

This musical group was the winner of a local competition, obtaining as a prize singing the hymn that will enliven the Pope's tour in Colombia, between 6 and 10 September.

"Let's take the first step," is a pop vallenato of just over four minutes and includes a verse by the religious, which says:

"Colombia welcomes you with open arms / with one voice we say to you very happy / blessed be God, who in his wisdom, has brought you to our lands to be your guide."

The 28-year-old nun said she is sure the Pope will like this mix of rhythms: "(Francis) is Latin, but our intention rather than pleasing the holy father is to be a church and that all people can sing with us ",

She added: "My dream as music is to be a good nun and to make music is a second (dream). I want to record more and that people rather than fall in love with my voice, fall in love with Jesus."

According to local media, Valentina became a nun when, at age 16, she was miraculously healed of a rare liver disease that had been diagnosed as a girl.

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