O Being

Imbued in this infinitely profound ocean
far beyond the instability of the tides
far deeper

I find you

oh mysterious
obscure, silence
where I completely un-know.
with out fear,
your infinite embrace
embraces me :)
and now...
only surrender.
for without
any doubt
I recognize,
it is You!
soul of my soul
life of my life


making my life to live
and marveled
I see and experience
that where I am,
You are
very near...
very far...
deep into the sea
of the heart
of even this
little creature,
miserable sinner!

Oh my Creator!
why doubt?
when in You
I only find love!
immerse me
till I
in You
glorious and sublime mystery!
Three in One
One in me!
All in You
You in me!
Most Holy Trinity!

To the honor and glory of God and His inspiring Spirit

Written by Andres Angulo

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