On the stage of life

Day in, day out;
Sunrise after sunset;
Someone out there draws in his last breath;
Another draws in her first.

Life, like a play;
Everyone has a role to play;
Waiting for one’s turn;
To be called on-stage;

Each person’s role has been scripted by fate;
As one climbs onto the stage;
Whatever the actor decides to do with his character;
It is his own prerogative.

You might rule the stage as long as it lasts;
But remember, the clock is ticking;
The second your time ends,
The next-in-line will come on board.

So take advantage of the time you have left on life’s stage;
Grab every opportunity life presents at your door;
Make each second count;
So that when your time is up, all would remember you.



Written by Josephine  Amoako

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