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Factually, we are over six billion people on the planet earth; with everyone trying to find his place in the world and own it.  People live and die each second all over the world; a natural balance to ensure the world stays up to capacity. As long as you’ve been born into this space called earth, there is definitely a place for you here. There is no need to stomp on and crush others in order to take over territories; you have to find where you fit and own it.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that when we do find our little corners to settle in this world, we should live like islands, cutting ourselves from others because their life pursuimages-10its are different from ours and so everyone should mind his own business. Having such a mindset and attitude is doing yourself a great disservice and robbing yourself of discovering the many different worlds occupying the earth. 

Thanks to technology and social media, one doesn’t have to cross oceans and pilgrim through deserts to discover the world. Just one click takes you to places you never would have imagined; into the lives of people you could only fantasize about and into the some of the greatest minds on earth.

As it is said, it is better to be a small fish in a big pond than a big fish in a small pond. The good thing is, we never stop growing (unless you decide to stop learning). As you become bigger in the ‘big’ pond, you move to a much larger pond. Never put a period where you should put a pause. When the people around you cease to challenge you, change them.  And for you to discover, you have to seek. No one ever discovered something great by folding their arms and staring into space.

I had no idea of how many amazing African blogs existed until I made a conscious effort to look for them. And my, how excitingly diverse they are! As I have come to realize, the world is only as big as you allow your perception to define it. Now, one’s world could be defined by how many friends and/or followers they may have on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the others.

If your social network is only made of people who make fun and memes of every issue be it local or international; you’d only grow not to take issues seriously. In the same way, if your circle is made of pessimistic critics who look at the world through the lenses of doom, you won’t turn out any better. On the flip side, if you connect with innovative minds, itching to make the world better, you’re challenged to contribute your quota. In the same way, you surround yourself with people who see hope and opportunities in the midst of crisis, despair becomes an alien feeling and all you think about is how to offer a solution. But we cannot achieve this by hiding in our shells and sticking by our boundaries.

Get out of your comfort zone; reach out to communities out of your specialty. For instance, if you’re into the humanities, nothing stops you from associating with people in the sciences just to broaden your mind’s horizon. But it all starts with you opening up. The world is yours to explore; it got much easier thanks to social media. So take advantage and make friends all over the world. Their knowledge and experiences would make your world richer and more substantial.

Let’s do more than make fun of people and issues online but with each click, tweet or update, let’s build bridges across continents and together, let’s make the world the best it can be. It is for us after all, right? It’s time for a global renovation!




Josephine Amoako © 2016

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