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The Oroville Dam located an hour north of Sacramento is on the verge of collapsing as water levels have exceeded it's limits. Jerry Brown the Governor of California has issued an Emergency Order for the resident's residing in the area.

Butte County issued an emergency evacuation drill as 188,000 people are expected to be affected by the situation according to the AP.

As thousands of residents are scattering to head for cover, the National Guard, the Department of Water Resources, police officials and emergency aid rescuers are doing all that they can to contain the water supply in order to minimize the damage it could cause.

Although county officials have received updates that the situation is not as severe as they thought it would be, the best option would be to advert the worst case scenario of a crisis so resident's are cautioned to stay off the routes near the dam. As the dam has transcended it's limits, updates about it's condition will continue to progress.

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