Overcoming the Odds

Strength comes from harvesting a mind that understands the realities of life. Contrary to general opinion, I think positivity is not enough to bring you to the finish line. It’s the days you feel suffocated, the moments you feel the world clasping your jaws shut, the space between each second as you grip your skin between your teeth that teaches you that it is okay to fall apart. It is necessary to loosen the threads. Rock bottom is a real place, and if it was never meant to be visited, how would we ever be able to appreciate everything above it?

Having a dream, an aspiration, a goal, whatever it may be, whatever you wish to call it, is an idea. But ideas are big. No one dreams small and no small idea is ever worth being called a dream. Dreams are frightening. They are the type of ideas that mock where you come from, who you might be, where you live, or simply the path your life takes. But, where you wish to be and where you stand at this very moment are two very different things.

Nothing worth having comes easy, as they say. Understand that success is failure. It is more lesson than anything. And since everyone learns at a different pace, for some it may take more than a few years, though what you may learn throughout your journey is more valuable than anything you could have learnt elsewhere by some other means.

The journey to building your own empire is centred on you. You are the brick builder, the weather, the workforce, the township, the jest, the mechanics, the preacher, you are an entire world. How you sustain yourself will eventually determine your progress.

90a95ec6f8f1646db5326327b5871821Self-pity is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. If you think for a second that you do not deserve to be pushed too hard, through blood, sweat and tears, then you do not deserve success. What happens to stand between most of us and our aspirations is the lack of self-discipline. Conquer your mind and soul. Do things that allow you mental, physical and spiritual freedom, allow every sense of yours to feel and breathe. If you’re going to shut your body down you will become a slave to your thoughts, and simple things will begin to feel like an anchor. Take your alone time when you need to. Who you are when the world isn’t around is the person you need to find.

Keeping the right company is important. Even if it’s a single person, having someone emotionally support you plays a bigger role than you may think. Since we are prone to picking out our flaws, it is a need to have someone who shows us the potential within ourselves. We may not see what others see, and in such cases, it is fundamental to believe in you.

Value your own opinion. Much too often we tend to listen to only the voices that put us down. Know youramezing-wallpapers-lions

strengths and weaknesses and where constructive criticism is given, take it. Always take time to yourself to articulate your own voice from the voices around you. Nourish your soul and treat yourself once in a while, you are deserving of time to get to know yourself better.

No one is ever prepared for what life throws at us. Thus, I’m not saying there are certain rules in paving your path. Pave it however you wish to. You are your biggest motivator. Although the company you choose to keep plays a major role, the key is yourself and how far you are willing to go to be able to say, one day, “I did it.” You are not useless. You are not a failure. And if you haven’t tried, do it. Fear should not stop you. You should not stop yourself, because “what if” doesn’t apply when you’re giving a hundred percent. I have never met anyone who has given themselves and more and has not reached the finish line. In the end, what you tell yourself is the only opinion that matters. Make sure it’s ground-breaking.

The Poetical Arsonist



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