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On Friday 13, 2015, (on a day of notoriety and superstition) Paris, France was attacked by no other than the notorious ISIS. There were multiple shootings and bombings at a store, theater and the largest football stadium in Paris. These isolated attacks claimed the lives of 129 people and 99 were in critical condition. This has been France's the most devastating attack of this country's history. The French President Francois Hollande immediately put his country into a state of emergency and responded by bombing ISIS strongholds in Syria. After the horrifying news reached the rest of the world, people immediately began displaying their sympathy, remorse and support on social media through Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat and Facebook. Users on Facebook were given the option to change their profile picture with the French flag in order to show solidarity to all the victims and the people of the country. It has been one of the most horrendous and frightening events since the 9/11 attack in New York.

But there is more to the story than meets the eye. This event showed how easily people can be moved when a devastating event takes place. Unfortunately, the people of this country are not informed of the daily killings and terrorist attacks that occur all around the world. There are tragedies throughout the world, but the mainstream media doesn't report on these murders, victims or their sufferings. Instead the media focuses on stories that provide them more views, attention and controversy. There are cartels, gangs and terrorists in Latin America, Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America that kill people for no reason but their own pleasure, yet we don't want to focus or attempt to fix this issue? The incident in France will have it's solution, but propaganda continues to cloud the truth behind this attack. Prior to the Syrian refugee crisis there were two types of people. The first group of people were the loving and caring ones who opened their arms to the refugees that truly needed freedom and a new life in a different country other than their own. The other group were the ones filled with hate, rage and neglect for the refugees coming in. Was one group right to think the opposite of the other group?

As the country continues to be under surveillance and high security, more details of the story have begun to surface. France Info. gathered reports that there were morning exercises planned for November 13, 2015. Patrick Pelloux, among one of the first doctors to respond to this massacre and survivor of the Charlie Hebdo attack stated there were multiple exercise attacks planned for the morning of November 13th. This would mean that all secret agencies and government officials were aware of the attacks that were about to happen, but nothing was done to prevent the actions carried out by ISIS. Whether this holds to be true or not (or just another big conspiracy) it is clear that when attacks similar as these occur, a huge call for security reform is created. People begin to get paranoid and panic that another attack is imminent. This means that the government has to enforce security even if it means taking certain rights from its people. Ever since the 9/11 attacks, security in America has evolved like no other. TSA became strict when passengers passed through security by implementing random checks and new-high-tech scanning machines. Then surveillance got out of control when the NSA decided it was necessary to spy on people's phones and social media. The U.S. government has made it certain that there was no way another terrorist organization would be able to to penetrate the security of the United States of America. But then many isolated incidents rapidly began to occur often in school shootings and bombings. Many citizens were afraid of these incidents and there began the controversy over gun rights. Although having these security measures are a good plan in preventing any foreign or domestic attack from happening in our country, it appears that they were not as effective in preventing innocent people from being killed. 

There is ample negativity that surrounds the environment and atmosphere when an incident claims many innocent lives. We begin to mourn and react in anger toward those who carried out the evil action of murder. Then controversy stirs up as there are different groups of people that argue over their take and views of the event.  But on the other hand, there is hope. People come together to stand for the victims and share their grief and love to the victims and their loved ones in hope to restore unity. All it takes is one individual to start a revolution and movement that can change the world. Imagine all the changes that could begin to domino if everyone united hand in hand to end the violence, greed and sin that consumes the lives of innocent people. November 13, 2015 will be a date that no one will forget, just as 9/11 has been embedded in everybody's mind.  It will be a date to commemorate, revere, mourn and celebrate the beautiful lives that were taken from despicable actions of a terror group. This will also be a day where people from all around the world will unite to stand for the freedom, life and love that was taken away so tragically.

R.I.P. to all the victims that were lost on this day. Our condolences and prayers are lifted up to the people in France.


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-Alexander Lee



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