R.I.P. Concepción Picciotto A Life of Protest

Concepción Picciotto, the 80-year-old lady who occupied the longest protest demonstration in history across the White House died on Monday in Washington D.C. (35 years of demonstration)

It is not clear to what may have caused Picciotto's death, but it is known that she had recently suffered a fall and had hurt herself. Picciotto died at a women homeless center near in Washington D.C. according to the Washington Post.

Picciotto had migrated from Spain when she was 18, and worked with the Spanish Consulate in New York, and then fell in love and got married at 21 with an Italian businessman. Her marriage did not last long, and her separation ended up costing her her home, job, and the custody of her own daughter.

Picciotto felt frustration with the way the political system worked after losing everything, and got inspired by William Thomas, the man who originally began the White House Peace Vigil on June 3, 1981 and joined him on the journey ever since. William Thomas died on January 23, 2009, but she continued to keep the vigil going with the help of other peace activists.

Nearly every day and night since August of 1981, One could see Picciotto occupying the patch across the White House, with her signs against the nuclear-wars and flyers that she would pass out to tell her story. William Thomas owned a house not to far from the vigil known as the "Peace House", where Picciotto would go shower and sleep on the days where other peace activists helped her maintain the vigil going.

Picciotto, sacrificed a lot, living a life of protest, spent decades outside the White House, nearly half of her life was dedicated to the demonstration. Millions of people have visited the White House in the last 35 years and saw Picciotto, an elder lady who would pass out flyers, and talk about the high amounts of tax-dollars being spent on maintaining nuclear wars, and the millions of children being killed in the middle east.

Picciotto has gotten encouragement from people, who admire her bravery and courage to be there for as long as she had been, and also received some hate from people who would yell at her, and insult her, and even had someone punch her before; Picciotto went through the melting heat, and through the freezing cold, but nothing could stop her from demonstrating for peace across the U.S. presidents' house.

"Certainly I could go back to society," Picciotto said to a newspaper in 1988, "I could make a living. But God has chosen a greater task for me"

Picciotto said she would demonstrate for as long as God allowed her to, and she sure fought the good battle.

R.I.P. Connie we will miss your courage and you have touched many of our hearts <3

Below are pictures of Juan Angulo and Danny Leal from TRUTH NetMedia with Connie in 2011 and 2015.

juan w connie IMG_8362

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