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The month of October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month as we can tell from all the pink that we see everywhere. The biggest and most successful organization Susan G. Komen is well known for raising money for a cure to breast cancer. Although many people believe this organization to be true to it's values, you would be surprised to find out where your money is going towards. The foundation spends less than one dime per dollar for research in finding a cure to breast cancer. Let alone Hala G. Moddelmog, former CEO and president of Susan G. Komen made $550,000 in one year (more than President Obama makes now). With total assets of $390 million this is a breakdown of where your money goes. 13% goes for health screening, 5.6% for treatment, 10% for fundraising, 11.3% for administrative cost and 39.1% for public education. As a matter of a fact, many organizations and companies have begun to mock breast cancer for profit. The NFL dedicates the entire month of breast cancer awareness by painting a pink ribbon on the middle of every football field and football players wearing pink football gear (shoes, gloves, etc.). Other organizations and companies such as the MLB, KFC, Yoplait, American Airlines, HP, GM and many others joined to contribute to the cause. Although they are dedicated to bringing awareness and finding a cure for breast cancer, it is clear to see where the money they raise are going towards. This for profit strategy has coined the term pinkwashing, because many of these organizations have joined in order bring about more business rather finding a cure to breast cancer.

Susan G. Komen for the cure was founded in 1982 by Nancy G. Brinker for her sister who died of breast cancer. Since it's foundation the organization has raised almost $1.5 billion dollars for breast cancer education, research, advocacy, health services and support programs in the U.S. and resulted in partnerships with more than 50 countries. Despite all the wealth and success of the organization, the foundation has thus seen a decrease in ratings due to controversy of its withdrawal from Planned Parenthood in providing mammograms, it's use of donor funds, it's choice of sponsorship and role in commercial cause marketing and misleading statistics in advertising. Companies such as Yoplait, KFC and water bottle companies were criticized because they all contain certain substances and that could attribute to breast cancer. There is heavy criticism for the foundations choices in partnerships due to how unhealthy most of these food companies are. There has been a report that the foundation owns stocks to many drug companies such as AstraZeneca. This pharmaceutical company is responsible for making Taxmoxifen which is linked to increasing the risk of cancer. They also own shares with GE, which make the mammograms to start early screening. Instead of helping and educating people of the causes and prevention methods of breast cancer, they are focusing on profitable ways to treat patients.

We all have a family member, friend or loved one that has suffered and died from breast cancer. It impacts us so dearly that we want to commemorate their name by helping other victims of this disastrous phenomenon. How is it that after 33 years of it's foundation, there has been no cure or prevention methods of breast cancer from this organization? We continue to rep the pink to support and sympathize for those suffering from breast cancer. Yet year after year, we are expecting more women to be diagnosed. Although this may stray away from the topic of breast cancer, there has been a known treatment. Medicinal marijuana has been known to treat various different types of symptoms, diseases and cancer. Recent research has shown that cannabis kills cancerous cells, although the government and government funded organizations continue to deny and ignore it. There have been many people quick to take the option of this natural and safe treatment, rather than vigorous chemotherapy and surgery. Unfortunately, there are still well over 25 states where marijuana is illegal, so those who seek to opt out of chemo and radiation aren't left with much of a choice. They can either choose to undergo those treatments, or move to a state where medicinal marijuana is legal. Its a shame, but many people have left their homes in order to survive. If this foundation was dedicated to what it stood for, then people wouldn't have to continue to suffer the way they are today.

Overall, we see or hear about breast cancer awareness everywhere we go, from TV's, billboards, radio, restaurants etc. This is a phenomenal organization that has built immense success and recognition which is highly notable. Many other organizations and foundations dedicated to finding a cure for a disease have taken note of what the Susan G. Komen foundation has done. In doing so, they too have found immense success and are similarly pocketing the money rather than helping their cause. So the next time you decide to go on a Walk for the Cure or donate somewhere for a proceed, you might want to take a second and think about where your money is going.

Susan G. Komen: Always the Worst:

All facts and statistics are attributed to http://www.articles.mercola.com

-Alexander Lee

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