Revolution | Poem by: Alexander Lee

Wait a minute, take a second to breathe

Relax your mind, and then you will see

The evil in this world, how bad it could be

Your mind will be blown and you will not believe

The plans that the rich have against the poor

Even with all they have they want some more

How could they continue to be like this?

Marking off the poor one by one off their list

Is this truly what the world is supposed to be?

No happiness, no life and liberty

I know you are smarter than you look

And what you have seen has got you shook

It’s time for our generation stand up and rise

Because what the devil has done is no surprise

You know it's not about the money, cars and fame

Because if so, you're just playing Satan’s game

Don’t be a slave to the dang system

Instead wake up to come and listen

We the people will not tolerate this anymore

Because we have so much to attain than be poor

Since we all have our talents, reason and voice

Let’s get together and make the right choice

I know we can establish a heaven on earth

Because of our Savior Jesus Christ’s birth

Let's take back our rights in the Constitution

And break out of the government's institution.

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