Role Models or Idols?

Who is your favorite celebrity? Is it an athlete, artist, actor, or entertainer? What about them do you idolize? What type of message are they promoting in lou of their success? It's understandable, we all want to become successful and famous in some sort of way. We all want to feel appreciated and reminded how valuable we are to others. This is why we look up to somebody that has already achieved our goals and dreams so we can relate to those who we idolize. But sometimes we mistakenly idolize someone rather looking up to them as a role model. How is it that so many people in this world idolize someone they never met? As a matter of fact, why is it that our culture looks up to celebrities that have little to no achievement/contribution to this world?

Take Kim Kardashian for example,(gained attention from her sex tape with ex-boyfriend Ray J) who is the most talked about celebrity in our country. So many girls look up to her personality and truly desire to be her. Sure she is a successful entrepreneur and  runs a prominent clothing line, but what else does she provide for our society to better ourselves? What good has she done for this world that she deserves all the glory and fame? Another celebrity that has been talked about is Amber Rose. She recently promoted her Movement called the Slut Walk in a Funny or Die short skit. This movement calls for no more sexual violence, no more victim blaming, no more derogatory labels and no more gender inequality.  Rose began her career as a stripper at the age of 15 to provide for her struggling family, but was able to achieve success and fame when she began dating Kanye West. She then went on to become an actress, artist, model and fashion designer. With all the amou#amberroseslutwalk 🙌nting success, she was able to become a prominent figure in society for people to look up to. The Slut Walk movement encourages women who practice healthy sex lives to not be afraid by those who label them. But that causes one problem for our society. Do we want to raise up a generation of girls and women who are not afraid to sleep around with other men? Is this the best solution to end harassment for women by the men who label and ridicule them? Aren't there other methods to end this type of prosecution rather than promoting confidence in promiscuity?

Look, we all make mistakes because we are not perfect. It is our own choice to either grow from them, or continue to live in that path. There are ton of other celebrities that could be mentioned that are misrepresenting the cause they stand for, but this isn't to put blame or represent negative views on any celebrity. We should all be encouraged to embrace ourselves and our dreams. We have our insecurities that cause us to cling onto things that may help or destroy us. But we should never be mistaken into believing those of fortune, fame and success are the ones to look up to or worship (especially if they do not seek to help people). We should look within ourselves the best traits, qualities and talents and embrace them. For too long our society has been distracted by celebrities in the media when we could be focusing on other issues in this world, or do what we can to help ourselves  and change the world.

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