Rotting in


In the depths of a town in eternity,
a wild and rare seed was lovingly planted.
In it,
pure potential.
To grow
and shelter the birds' melodies
from all the sky
in harmony.

The land was fertile,
and the spring had arrived.
Yet the blossoming of this seed
was far from near.
The perplexed gardener ran busy.
Preparing and decorating the land
made it really pretty!
Fed it fertilizers of every type
the deadly kind!
And in this land
where the seeds must take root
and spring forth with life.
The worried "gardener",
always fearful to the bone
of the daunting judgements of his fellows,
built and built,
and he built and he built,
an enormous, colorful castle.
A castle of sand.
Studiously designed
to appear great on the outside.
And so the gardener died
And the castle vanished
like a cloud of smoke.
Now do you see?
How with illusions he caged the seed!
Fancy roofs and walls
deprived it from: light, air, and water.
Deprived it of life and love
the food of the seed.
So now the promised garden,
is just that...
a promise.




Written by Andres Angulo

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