Citizens Demand Justice at City Council in Grapevine


Grapevine City Hall was filled with over 200 lively protestors Tuesday night to challenge the death of Rubén García Villalpando, a man fatally shot by a Grapevine police officer.

Protestors in the Grapevine City Hall repeated García’s words Tuesday night, chanting “Are you going to kill me?” as well as “Justice 4 Ruben” and “the whole damn system is guilty as hell. Indict, convict, send those cops to jail.”

Among those who spoke at the City Council was Domingo Garcia, former Dallas councilman, who asked that the videotape of the shooting be released and that the officer be stripped of his title.

García was a native to Mexico and worked as a mechanic in Lewisville for over 10 years. His family has been left in pain in the way that he died. He was married with four children, all at the ages 10 and under. The family has now been left incomplete and devastated.

The García family was not the only ones left with concern.

The Mexican government said in a statement of García’s death that the U.S. Justice Department should undergo investigation of the case in the manner of suspected excessive force. García marks the third time in less than a month that the Mexican government has faulted the killing of one of its citizens by American police.

From Ernesto Javier Canepa Díaz of Santa Ana, California and the homeless Antonio Zambrano-Montes of Pasco, Washington, the Mexican government is raising concern of the fatal shootings that encompass the death of their natives.

The family’s attorney, Domingo García, said the relatives of García would undergo an FBI investigation of the case as a possible civil-rights violation.

The Grapevine Police Department is conducting an administrative investigation on the shooting, and office Clark is on administrative leave. However, Grapevine police will not interview Clark until the investigation is complete in Euless.

Madison Carrier

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