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Russia has been hard at work since Sept. 30th targeting ISIS specifically and recently took out a surface to air missile launcher that ISIS stole from the Syrian army. So far in over 130 attacks, Russian military have destroyed ISIS military and ammunition facilities, military vehicles, fuel zones and much more. This all comes from the approval of Syrian government and President Bashar Assad. On the other hand, the US Department of Defense or the Pentagon, has been criticizing everything the Russians have done. The US is backing up the Syrian Rebels to overtake the government and restore order, but we have seen this happen before in Afghanistan. The US first criticized the Russians for taking out moderate rebels rather than the hardcore rebels, but that has been denied. The US also criticized Russia for dropping 26 missiles in Iran, but it has been confirmed by Russian military that the targets it intended to hit were accomplished; alongside with Iranian government officials confirming that no missiles landed in their country. While the US military has been busy all over the middle east to help, train, aid and provide resources for the rebels, they have been way too quick to bash Russia for all its actions.

airstrikeOn the other hand, the US military hasn't taken any action towards the Syrian reels or ISIS to defuse the terrorist regime. The only action the US military has took was the bombing of the Doctors Without Borders Hospital in Afghanistan. T
he Pentagon has released 5 different accounts on the attack, but has yet to release a final report until further investigation is complete within 30 days. A total of 22lives (doctors and patients) were taken last week and the US Military tried to justify the attack by claiming the presence of Taliban militants being present in the hospital during a shoot out against the US Military. Under law of war, all hospitals must provide their GPS location so that neither opposing forces, especially the one's aiding the country will attack those hospitals. Unfortunately that was not the case with the DWB Hospital incident and pending investigation must further determine what really occurred.


Overall, Russia has been hard at work to eradicate ISIS forces because Putin cannot tolerate their actions any longer.  ISIS in Syria are currently retreating and the forces are diminishing. Russia has accomplished more in one week than the US has in 10 years. Still there is heated debate between the two countries due to a history of bad blood. Although the two countries have been hard at work, they still have opposite agendas. Who is the bad guy at work? We will never know, but it is up to time to determine this.


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-Alexander Lee

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