HEALTH: Why are we against self-medication?

It is known in the population the concept of self-medicating, it has been reported by means of communication the damage it causes to human health.

Information campaigns in health centers, in communities and even in public schools. But ... do we really know what happens in our bodies when we self-medicate?

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We take medicine at the first sign of physical discomfort. Headache, sore throat, stomach pain, among others. Many of these symptoms are the onset of some viral or bacterial infection. And this is where the problem lies. We do not make any difference. We, as individuals who are not in the health field, who are not doctors, do not have the knowledge necessary to be certain of what kind of infection is occurring in our system. We simply take the first thing we find.

If our infection is viral in nature, the antibiotics we take will have no effect. Viruses are treated symptomatically, that is, the relief of the symptoms present. Fever, body aches, runny nose, and the like that are characteristic of respiratory tract infections. Of these, the highest percentage are viral.

However, if our infection is caused by some type of bacteria, and we take any antibiotic we have at home, we are causing great damage not only to our body, but to a whole population.

Antibiotics are prescribed based on their mechanism of action. The doctor analyzes the patient's symptoms, his medical history, and, based on his vast knowledge of years of career study, selects the best one to fight the bacteria that causes his infection.

Not all antibiotics are effective against all bacteria. Penicillin is not active against certain microorganisms that doxycycline is. And what happens if you take an antibiotic that is not effective for your infection? Your symptoms only get worse. And the bacteria create resistance to that drug, resistance that goes from generation to generation and makes it more difficult to control an infection in the future.

Although this only happens with antibiotics, the type of damage that causes self-medicating with another family of drugs exists. Take as an example the taking of a drug that, for its elimination, occupies to pass through kidney or liver, or that is deposited in some type of cell. The more time you spend with the drug in your system, the more damage it causes to these organs. Or the relief of these symptoms, hides the true agent causing your illness and only worsens the prognosis.

A damage that in the future may not be reversible. That is why, when any suspicion of infection, go to your doctor. Not all consultations generate monetary damage in your pocket, and if your doctor prescribes a medication at certain doses, take it that way. Each dose is given on the basis of the properties of the drug to combat infection; These doses have been approved by the World Health Organization and studies have been done to corroborate their effectiveness in the treatment.

Help stop the practice of self medication in the country. Since, in case of continuing this way, in the not too distant future, we will not have medicines available for a simple ear infection.

By: Karla Galvan

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