'Some Shades of Black' Exhibition Kicks Off Black History Month

The Dallas Public Library Opens an Art Exhibition Featuring Prominent Black Artists in the DFW Area

On Feb. 6, the Dallas public library unveiled its long awaited art exhibition featuring the work of eight distinguished black artists from all around the DFW metroplex. The artists featured come from a variety of backgrounds and all have a unique perspective on what it means to be a black artist in modern society. The eight artists also display various work in different art forms, including painting, sculptural work, and even textile art.

On Feb. 19, the exhibition hosted the eight artists featured throughout the exhibition at the Dallas public library and TRUTH NetMedia was fortunate enough to speak with the artists on what motivates their work, as well as what their works means to them personally. The exhibition will be on view at the Dallas public library until the end of the month; it is an exhibition that certainly should not be missed!

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