Sharing Light

I come to find
in this new night,
as birds in their nest
take up their rest,
a unique light
brighter than the rest.
How can you
darkness disperse,
when your light
you do not own?

While contemplating the moon, we can observe its dedication to be a pure reflection of the sunlight. Of itself the moon is only a natural satellite, with no light of its own. However, it’s bareness permits the light of the sun to shine, even in the night. So what can we learn from this? Is it maybe that like the moon, we should not concentrate so much to create a new light, but instead work to reflect the light within that already exists? It is clear that the moon does not produce the light that shines at night, but it uses the sun’s light to brighten the earth, like a mirror. Yet this reflection is strong enough to sufficiently brighten the night.
I believe this is the case for our souls, we must diligently work to purify it and make it transparent, so that we too can reflect the Light upon the darkness of this world. This purification is nothing more than the removal from anything that may and does impede the Light to shine bright. These obstacles or dirt in the soul, will undoubtedly make the souls reflection opaque, depending on the sinfulness of the soul. And by sin I am referring to the selfish action of an individual that harms himself or others, and hence damages the connection with all that is Perfectly Pure. For as St. John of the Cross exclaims, it is impossible for two contraries to inhabit an object at the same time. For example, if one is saying a lie, that lie can not and will not at the same time be truth. Or one can not be lazy and proactive at the same time. And so is the case for other examples. What I am trying to point out is the impossibility for a soul to reflect light if there is at the same time a communion with darkness. Or as St. John the evangelist says, a man cannot say he loves God whom he doesn’t see, and hate his neighbor whom he sees. This is clearly a contradiction, and hence it illustrates the necessity of a commitment to truth, to be able to reflect truth.

So what is our main objective? Jesus asks us to be the light and the salt of the world. That means to share truth with others, for the truth shall set you free, but one can not give what one does not have. Hence the moon, which fortunately does not seem to have an ego, receives the light of the sun, and then proceeds to reflect it. And so it is with the soul, it must receive God’s light and love, and reflect it. The less ego, the more love. The more ego, the more darkness that envelops the soul, and hence the less pure the reflection will be. Just like a dirty mirror will never reflect as purely as a clean mirror, so will our souls fail to participate and share the Light if it is not clean.
And so I pray that like the moon, we may dedicate ourselves to shed light upon the dark mistakes that inundate our society, by diligently working on cleaning our souls from the deceit of the ego.



Written by Andres Angulo

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