Silent Holocaust

Silent Holocaust

Silent lives are being silenced
Who can hear the voiceless scream?
Who protects their rights?
Who defends their lives?

Silent lives are being silenced
Who speaks out against this holocaust?
Who speaks out for the unborn?
Who tells their mothers they`re a beautiful child?

Silent lives are being slaughtered
Greedy business, bloody money
Someone’s problem… God`s delight
Taken away from us cruelly… silently

Silent lives… I wish we could hear your screams
Gasping for life while your mother terminates it
When will we realize the crime… the hatred
of this silent holocaust?

Oh beautiful ones, when will you be safe?
When will you begin to see the daylight?
It is all darkness in the hatred that you face
Is it your fault? NO! IT IS NOT!!!!

Silent lives beautifully growing
from a seed to a full grown being
Who are we to terminate your life?
Is it mine? Is it hers? Is it his?

Silent lives you are Gods,
yet our selfishness dictates
and terminates your rights!
Let this bloody crime stop!

Stop this crime!
Let these silent lives sing and grow!
Let them experience the love
do not silence them anymore!


1,355,569,699 = Number of murdered babies since 1980... and counting.


Shared from Andres Maria... in Bogota, Colombia.

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